Michael Gordon – Board of Education – Chair


Michael Gordon has served on the Board of Education since November, 2011 serving as BOE Chair since December 2014 after previously serving as BOE Secretary.  He has an extensive background in education policy and child advocacy, having served in President Clinton’s administration as a Special Assistant on education policy.  He also has sat on the boards of several organizations supporting children, including the Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition, ADL Connecticut and the Center for Arts Education.  In addition, Michael and his wife Linda were honored with ADL’s “Distinguished Community Leadership Award.”

 Michael is the CEO of Group Gordon, a strategic communications firm that was named one of the top 30 agencies for which to work in North America.  A former attorney at Skadden, Arps, Michael earned his BA from the University of Pennsylvania and his JD and MBA from Columbia University.

 Michael is a hands-on dad to three young children.  He loves to coach little league, read in his children’s classrooms and swim and ice skate with his kids.