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2018 DWW Souper Luncheon
with featured speakers
Dita Bharghava and Susan Bysiewicz
Candidates for Connecticut Governor
Friday, March 2 –12-2pm
at the home of
Elaine Arnow
5 Aspetuck Lane
, Westport
Supporting the DWW Staples Tuition Grant Award
$40 suggested donation

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Get involved in elections in communities that are purple with the chance of turning blue, or have economic or support challenges.   Initiative Leader: Andy Nevas.  Please contact Andy at: anevas@verrilldana.comAdopt a District for 2018 Elections:

Be a part of the Westport Local Action Group:

The group responsible for mobilizing in Westport: creating ads and lawn signs, organizing protests, re-establishing Westport as an open, progressive and politically activist town.  Initiative Leader: Jill Saluck.   Please contact Jill at:

Abolish the Electoral College in CT:

Lobby our state legislators and Governor to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.  Initiative Leader: Rozanne Gates.   Please contact Rozanne at:


Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Fall Fundraiser

2016 August Pot Luck

Thanks to everyone who joined our party at the Compo marina!

Westport Dem Primary Results

Nomination for President of the United States
  Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente 8 0.21%
  Hillary Clinton 2,661 70.29%
  Bernie Sanders 1,087 28.71%
  Uncommitted 30 0.79%

Click HERE for link to CT State Election Result Website


Democratic Town Committee (DTC) for 2016-2018

Members of the 2016-2018 Westport Democratic Town Committee have been officially selected. Officers and District Leaders were selected at the March 22, 2016 Organizational Meeting.
Click HERE for list of 2016-2018 DTC Members

DTC Executive Committee

Chair: Ellen Lautenberg Email:
Treasurer: Alan Shinbaum
Secretary: Lee Arthurs Email:

District Leaders
District 1 – Kenneth Wirfel
District 2 – Neil Phillips
District 3 – David Krauss
District 4 – Nancy Axthelm
District 5 – Michael Gordon
District 6 – Open
District 7 – Sheri Gordon
District 8 – Karen Driscoll
District 9 – Evan Barr

For further information please contact Ellen Lautenberg, Chair of the Westport Democratic Town Committee at