Call For Candidates for November Municipal Elections

On election day, Tuesday, November 5, there are local elections in Westport. The Westport DTC will be nominating and running two candidates for the Board of Education, two candidates for the Board of Finance, one candidate for Planning and Zoning Commission, one candidate for the Zoning Board of Appeals and one candidate for the Board of Assessment Appeals.

This e-mail details the Westport DTC nominating process for these positions. Anyone interested in being nominated for any of these positions by the Westport DTC must e-mail Andy Nevas, Chair of the Nominating Committee at by May 1, 2019. Please include a resume with the e-mail.

The Nominating Committee will interview potential candidates during May and early June. The Nominating Committee shall present their recommended candidates to the DTC at the June 19 DTC Meeting at 8:00pm at Town Hall.

All DTC members that are present will vote to nominate candidates for election for these positions at the July 17 DTC Meeting at 8:00pm in Town Hall. Any potential candidate can be considered at the full DTC meeting by being nominated by a DTC member and seconded by a different DTC member who are present at the meeting. These include the recommendations of the Nominating Committee but are not limited to those.

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Nevas, Chair of the Nominating Committee at, Ellen Lautenberg, Chair of the Westport DTC at or Becky Martin, Vice Chair of the DTC at