All Westport Democrats and old/new DTC members are invited to join us along with Weston & Wilton DTCs at a W-W-W event:

Democratic Debate Watch Party
323 Restaurant
(323 Main Street, Westport)
Thursday, February 11th
Party starts at 8pm, Debate starts at 9pm

The event is free and open to all.  Appetizers will be provided.  (Cash Bar.)

Reservations are not necessary, but please reply to me if you think you can make so we can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions. please contact me at

Best regards,
Keith Stein
DTC Chair

Westport DTC 2016-2018

The following candidates were endorsed at the Westport Democratic Caucus on January 11th to serve on the Westport Democratic Town Committee for a two-year term beginning March 2nd:

District 1
Byrd, Geraldine
Curry, Carolanne
Mandell, Matthew
Stein, Keith
Vynerib, David
Wirfel, Kenneth
Wormser, Peter
District 2
Cederbaum, Eugene
Czuczka, Dana
Losen, Joyce
Losen, Stuart
Marcus, Mark
Mayer, Jeffrey
Phillips, Neil
Weinberg, Robin
District 3
Garten, Helen
Gertzoff, Arline
Kane, Melissa
Krauss, David
Savin, Candice
Stern, Brian
Stollenwerck, Allyson
District 4
Axthelm, Nancy
Collins, Janis
Delorey, James
Hamlin, Kristan
Hamlin, Christopher
Hicks, Darcy
Meyer, Wally
District 5
Aasen, Lawrence
Aasen, Martha
Belmont, Eileen
Getraer, June
Gordon, Michael
Hartwell, John
Suggs, John
District 6
Bram, Jessica
Burman, Richard
Costello, Kieran
Demarrais, Miriamne
Diamond, Theodore
Dowell, Amy
Whitney, Elaine
District 7
Benke, Blake
Gordon, Sheri
Gorin, Jenifer
Holtz, Ronald
Lautenberg, Ellen
Noonan, David
Propp, Peter
Shinbaum, Alan
District 8
Arthurs, Lee
Driscoll, Karen
Ezzes, James
Goldstein, Lee
Martin, Rebecca
Nelson, Carl
Nevas, Andrew
Steinberg, Jonathan
District 9
Barr, Evan
Falk, Marcia
Johnson, Jennifer
Liccione, Sebastian
Rivkin, Douglas
Silver, Sharon
Witkow, Stanley

Candidates who missed the meeting and have not provided a signed Certification Form must contact Keith Stein on Tuesday. The DTC Chair must provide the Town Clerk with signed Certifications by Wednesday at 4pm for a candidate’s Endorsement to be valid!

The initial organizational meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 22nd 8pm at Town Hall Room 201. A follow-up email to confirm this meeting date. The agenda will include electing Executive Officers and District Leaders.


Openings for Westport Democrats

ZBA Member: The Westport Zoning Board of Appeals is looking for interested people who might to be interviewed to fill the unexpired term of an elected member (newly elected Board of Finance member Sheri Gordon). To be considered people must be residents of Westport and a registered Democrat. If you would like further information or would like to submit your resume please contact: Jim Ezzes, ZBA Chair, at

BAA Alternates: The Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) consists of three elected members.
The Board of Assessment Appeals has all the powers and duties conferred or imposed by State law on all Boards of Assessment Appeals:
• State law requires at least three sessions of the Board of Assessment Appeals to hear residential and commercial property appeals for the Grand List that is filed by the Assessor.
• The BAA is authorized to serve as an appeal body for taxpayers who believe that the town assessors erred in the valuation of their properties. If a taxpayer is not satisfied with this evaluation, then the taxpayer may appeal directly to the Board of Assessment Appeal to appeal the assessment. The BAA meets in March to hear appeals on the Grand List filed by the Assessor by Jan 31. An application must be filed with the Assessor’s office no later than Feb. 28 to schedule a March hearing with the BAA.
• The Board continues to meet until all appeals are reviewed and notices are mailed to all applicants.
• This enables the Board to file the final Board of Assessment Appeals Approved Grand List which is required prior to the Board of Finance meeting where the Mill Rate is set.

Briefly, the responsibility of the BAA is listen to taxpayers explain why they believe property assessment is incorrect and review evidence offered to support a different valuation. The members review and evaluate the explanation and evidence and vote on whether or not to change the assessment of the property.

Responsibilities of an Alternate as per the Connecticut State Statute that governs such an appointment: the board of selectmen may appoint an alternate for each member of the board of assessment appeals. Each alternate member shall be an elector of the municipality. When seated, an alternate member shall have all the powers and duties of a member of the board of assessment appeals.

The BAA are expecting several hundred appeals as it is a reval year following two major storms. Given this, the BAA would like to find and train qualified candidates. The BAA would ask an alternate to commit to 3 to 5 nights in March 2016 from approximately 7pm to 10pm. These nights can be planned in advance. If you have questions or are interested, please contact David Keisman at

Election Results

Thank you to all the candidates, volunteers and voters!

Preliminary Election Results for the Town of Westport
Posted Date: 11/3/2015 11:45 PM
Preliminary Tally All districts counted.(hand counts not included)
November 3, 2015
BOARD OF FINANCE- Vote for up to 4
3179 John Hartwell
3319 Sheri Gordon
3087 Clarissa Moore
3220 Michael Rea
3061 Iain Bruce
Board of Education- Vote for up to 3
3575 Mark Mathias
3579 Michael Gordon
3106 Paul Block
Board of Assessment Appeals- Vote for 1
3302 Garson F. Heller
Planning and Zoning Commission- Vote for up to 4
3031 Paul Lebowitz
3043 Jack Whittle
3007 Chip Stephens
2697 Al Gratrix
3149 Cathy Walsh
1083 Denise Rose Torve
1120 Howard B. Lathrop
997 Glenn Payne
3424 James Ezzes
3201 Liz Wong
3110 Bill Harris
DIST 1- Vote for up to 4
323 Liz Milwe
285 Matthew Mandell
274 Chris Tait
285 Diane Cady
DIST 2- Vote for up to 4
324 Neil Phillips
329 Louis M. Mall
343 Catherine Calise
318 Jay Keenan
DIST 3- Vote for up to 4
329 Lyn Hogan
292 Sylina Levy
402 Melissa Kane
435 Jimmy Izzo
DIST 4- Vote for up to 4
309 Lisa Parrelli Gray
279 Lynda Kommel-Browne
303 Jeffrey N. Wieser
246 David Floyd
306 Kristan Hamlin
DIST 5- Vote for up to 4
382 Peter Gold
267 Steven Chin
350 John F. Suggs
304 Thomas C. Bloch
286 Seth Braunstein
DIST 6- Vote for up to 4
352 Cathy Talmadge
319 Hope Feller
365 Brandi Briggs
325 Jessica Bram
DIST 7- Vote for up to 4
330 John G. Klinge
429 Ellen Lautenberg Hendel
290 Arthur Ashman
293 Allen S. Bomes
415 Lauren Karpf
DIST 8- Vote for up to 4
388 Wendy G. Batteau
339 Carla L. Rea
373 Dee Chapman
336 Lee Arthurs
320 Lois G. Schine
DIST 9- Vote for up to 4
373 Andrea L. Moore
380 Jennifer Johnson
380 Eileen Lavigne Flug
179 Charles E. Carey
332 Velma E. Heller
139 Sal Liccione


Municipal Candidates for November 3rd Election

• Board of Finance
Sheri Gordon (Click HERE for Donation Form by mail)
John Hartwell (Click HERE for Donation Form by mail)
• Board of Education
Mark Mathias
Michael Gordon
• Planning & Zoning
Paul Lebowitz (Click HERE for Donation Form by mail)
• Zoning Board of Appeals
Jim Ezzes

Click HERE for Voter Information on the Upcoming Election

Click HERE to Get Involved and help our Candidates


DTC Paint the Town Blue Fall Gala

Thank you to everyone who came out to honor
Ann Sheffer & Bill Scheffler and Gordon Joseloff

for a lifetime of service and commitment to
the Town of Westport and Democratic causes.

Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman
Congressman Jim Himes
Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro
Secretary of State Denise Merrill
Comptroller Kevin Lembo
Attorney General George Jepsen

Lee Arthurs & Judy Kessler
Connie & Stewart Greenfield
John & Janet Hartwell
Ellen Lautenberg
Sandra Wagenfeld

Host Committee
Senator Richard & Cynthia M. Blumenthal
Congressman Jim & Mary Himes
Brett Aronow & Keith Stein
Nancy Diamond & Jeffrey Mayer
June Getraer
Michael Gordon
Melissa & Jon Kane
Michael Koskoff
Marianna McCall
Candice Savin
Kenneth Wirfel

2nd Annual DTC Summer Social

Thank you for joining us at our 2015 June Summer Social.

Special Thanks to

Candi Savin & Ellen Lautenberg
Finance Committee Co-Chairs

Photos from our 2014 Event:


DTC Awards Lunch


Sunday March 15th was a lovely day with nearly 100 people gathered at Rive Bistro to honor Ted Diamond and David Noonan for our first annual “Yellow Dog Democrat” and “Campaign Leadership” awards brunch. Many thanks to everyone who helped organize and staff this event. Thanks also to Alan Shinbaum and Larry Untermeyer for the photos.

Ted Diamond
The Martha Aasen “Yellow Dog Democrat” Award

Presented in recognition of service
“above and beyond”
to the principles of the Democratic Party
and its success.

David Noonan
The Dora Stuttman Campaign Leadership Award

Presented to a volunteer
from the most recent campaign
whose energy, enthusiasm, and commitment
was an inspiration to others.

DTC Openings

Due to recent resignations, we now have three openings in District 6 (click here to see RTM district map). If you know someone you think would be interested, please get in touch with anyone on the Executive Committee. Prior political experience is a plus but not necessary. More important is a desire to help the town and a willingness to pitch in when needed. Please contact John Hartwell at

Westport Election Results 2014

Thank you very much to all our fantastic volunteers!

Unofficial Tally All districts counted.
November 4, 2014, UPDATED November 5, 2014 9:03 AM
* indicates office winner, if declared.
61.6% voter turnout
 Thomas C. Foley and Heather Somers (GOP) 4,534 45.4%
 Dannel P. Malloy and Nancy Wyman (Dem) * 5,416 54.3%
 Joe Visconti and Chester Frank Harris 24 0.2%
 Jonathan Pelto and Ebony S. Murphy 2 0.0%
 John Renjilian and Jason Renjilian 0 0.0%
 John Traceski and Elizabeth Traceski 0 0.0%
 Daniel R. Gaita and Jason D. Smith 0 0.0%
 Total 9,976 100.0%
 Dan Debicella  (GOP) 4,113 41.5%
 Jim Himes (Dem) * 5,788 58.5%
 Sophie E. Pastore 0 0.0%
 Stephen A. Miller 0 0.0%
 Total 9,901 100.0%
 Toni Boucher (GOP) * 4,680 56.1%
 Philip Sharlack (Dem) 3,666 43.9%
 Thomas Burke 0 0.0%
 Total 8,346 100.0%
 Tony Hwang  (GOP) * 593 45.1%
 Kim Fawcett (Dem) 721 54.9%
 Total 1,314 100.0%
 Brandi Briggs  (GOP) 4,102 45.0%
 Jonathan P. Steinberg (Dem) * 5,009 55.0%
9,111 100.0%
 Gail Lavielle (GOP) * 434 60.6%
 Keith Rodgerson (Dem) 282 39.4%
 Total 716 100.0%
 Peter Lumaj (GOP) 4,352 45.6%
 Denise W. Merrill (Dem) * 5,042 52.9%
 S. Michael DeRosa 143 1.5%
 Total 9,537 100.0%
 Timothy M. Herbst (GOP) 4,633 48.6%
 Denise L. Nappier (Dem) 4,908 51.4%
 Rolf Maurer 1 0.0%
 Total 9,542 100.0%
 Sharon J. McLaughlin (GOP) 4,572 48.4%
 Kevin Lembo (Dem) * 4,778 50.5%
 Rolf W. Maurer 105 1.1%
 Total 9,455 100.0%
 Kie Westby (GOP) 4,214 44.1%
 George Jepsen (Dem) * 5,213 54.6%
 Stephen E. Fournier 123 1.3%
 Total 9,550 100.0%
 Lisa K. Wexler (GOP) * 6,350 100.0%
 Total 6,350 100.0%
 Kevin M. White (GOP) * 4,378 47.5%
 Marla J. Cowden (Dem) * 4,844 52.5%
 Total 9,222 100.0%
 Yes 5,565 61.5%
 No 3,480 38.5%
 Total 9,045 100.0%

Himes and Murphy Lead Election Eve Rally


David Keisman appointed to BAA

david K BAA swearing in Aug 4 14

On August 4, 2014, Westport Town Clerk Patricia Strauss swore in David J. Keisman to fill a Democratic vacancy on the Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA). David replaced Jeff Jacobs, who moved out of Westport and will serve out the term expiring through November 2017. He joins democrat Elaine Arnow on the BAA. David is a senior vice president in the corporate finance group at Moody’s.

Summer Social 2014

Thanks to everyone who made it to our summer social at The Saugatuck Rowing Club in June!

Ready for Hillary

Melissa Kane and John Hartwell welcome Patti Russo of the Women’s Campaign School at the Ready for Hillary Event in Westport June 6th.

Melissa Patti John at Sheffer's

2014 Democratic State Convention

Congratulations to all the Candidates nominated at the recent 2014 Democratic State Convention in Hartford.

Governor Dan Malloy
Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman
Secretary of the State Denise Merrill
State Treasurer Denise Nappier
State Comptroller Kevin Lembo
Attorney General George Jepsen

There is still so much to be done before Election Day November 4th!

Democratic Town Committee (DTC) for 2014-2016

Members of the 2014-2016 Westport Democratic Town Committee have been officially selected. Officers and District Leaders were selected at the March 13, 2014 Organizational Meeting.
Click HERE for list of 2014-2016 DTC Members

For further information please contact John Hartwell, Chairman of the Westport Democratic Town Committee at 203-216-1425 or email at