Bernard Deverin – Zoning Board of Appeals – Secretary

Bernard Thomas Deverin Jr. has served on the ZBA for the last six years, this past year as Secretary. He moved to Westport from the Jersey Shore 20 years ago as an energy derivatives trader on Wall Street having been a Managing Director of Energy at Bear Sterns, as well as Lehman Bros., and Merrill Lynch. He decided to began a totally new career as the Founder of Westport Builder Group, a Design-Build firm here in Westport. A job that would put him in good stead to serve on the ZBA. As someone who loves our town and appreciates the beauty, locale, history and heritage, Bernard has utilized his financial knowledge, building expertise and environmental concerns as a ZBA Board Member/Secretary.

Bernard is a board member of the Westport Based non-profit, Broken Promises, as well, member of the Westport Chamber of Commerce and the Greens Farms Living Association. He is married to Midge Herz Deverin, Membership Engagement Supervisor at the Westport/Weston Y and local Y Profile Blogger. Whenever there is spare time, as a former piano teacher in Westport, he plays and records at his home studio, and enjoys the unparalleled music, artistic and theatrical talents of Westport.

Bernard and Midge have four grown children (blended family)  Margaux and Walter (26) and James and Grace (22). On Tuesday evenings the television is tuned onto channel 79 to watch the ZBA proceedings and share in Bernard’s passion to serve in local politics.