Election 2013 News Links

Local News Articles, Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds

Selectmen- Helen Garten & Melissa Kane
WestportNews: Garten/Kane Endorsed by Jim Himes
Minuteman OpEd: Meet the Candidates: Helen Garten, Melissa Kane, Democrat, First and Second Selectman
Westportnews Letter: Garten has the experience, skills
Westport DailyVoice Letter: Garten/Kane Are An Exceptional Team
Westport DailyVoice Letter: Garten Has Experience, Knowledge And Leadership
Westport DailyVoice Letter: Melissa Kane Is The Best Choice For Second Selectman
Westport DailyVoice Letter: To Know Helen Garten Is To Endorse Her
WestportNews Letter: Marpe was dismissive of school mold
WestportNews Editorial: / Deceiving voters with letters to the editor

Board of Finance- Brian Stern, Blake Benke & Lee Caney
Minuteman OpEd: Meet the Candidates: Brian Stern, Blake Benke, Lee Caney, Democrat, Board of Finance
WestportNews OpEd: Stern: Invest in improvements, keep taxes down
WestportNews OpEd: Caney: Skills, experience to deliver value
WestportNews OpEd: Benke: Has skill, commitment to improve town
WestportNews Letter: Best finance picks — Stern, Blake, Caney

Board of Education – Elaine Whitney & Brett Aronow
Minuteman OpEd: Meet the Candidates: Elaine Whitney, Brett Aronow, Democrat, Board of Education
WestportNews OpEd: Whitney: Improve programs, contain costs
WestportNews OpEd: Aronow: Prepare ‘life-long learners’
Westport DailyVoice Letter: Re-Elect Elaine Whitney To the Education Board
WestportNews Letter: Keep Whitney, Aronow on school board

Planning & Zoning Commission – Andra Vebell, David Lessing & Alan Hodge
Minuteman OpEd: Meet the Canddiates: Andra Vebell, David Lessing, Alan Hodge, Democrat/Save Westport Now, Planning & Zoning

Zoning Board of Appeals- Sheri Gordon & Bernard Deverin
Link to Oct. 15 League of Women Voters Debate

Probate Judge – Kieran Costello
Minuteman OpEd: Meet the Candidates: Kieran Costello, Democrat, Judge of Probate
Westport DailyVoice Letter: In Support Of Kieran Costello For Probate Judge
WestportNews Letters: Support Of Kieran Costello For Probate Judge

General Election Articles
Westport News Article: Candidates debate the issues at LWV forum
Westport News Article: Stuffing the letters-to-the-editor box? Marpe admits campaign scripted endorsement letters