David Krauss Statement – Candidate: Board of Assessment Appeals

karauss-341x512As the Chairman of the Board of Assessment Appeals for the past four years, I have presided over a thousand cases. I assisted in creating changes in the procedures of Board hearings to give citizens greater transparency and access to the decision making process. These changes included taping all hearings and adjudications and providing a written record of the cases with the reasons behind the decisions. This information was made available to all residents who wanted to learn more about their cases after they were decided.

As a practicing attorney, I understand the importance of giving citizens due process and protection under the law through full and fair hearings. I have and will continue to ensure that all residents who come before the Board will be treated with dignity and respect. I will continue to ensure that property taxes are fair and equitable for all residents in all neighborhoods in Westport. As a Democrat, I support affordable and equitable property taxes, especially in these challenging economic times.